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Environmental sound quality of our cities is an ongoing issue in our Western societies. More than half of people living in urban areas state that they are still annoyed by the noise produced by transport infrastructure, industry and leisure activities. Legislative action and technological advances have significantly reduced the noise emitted by these sources. Increasing of road, rail and air traffic, their spread over time and space and development of spare-time activities and tourism have partly reduced the effects of technical progress. The implementation in 2007 of the European Directive on Noise from transport infrastructures, requiring the establishment of noise observatories (like noise maps) was an important first step, mainly in the stakes awareness. In fact, the recommendations issued from the French environmental consultation (the « Grenelle de l’environnement ») results in an increased awareness of the urban population with respect to noise problems in urban areas and represents an opportunity to develop a more sustainable urban planning policy integrating sound dimension in design.

The Groupement de Recherche (GdR), a CNRS laboratory, is a partnership with l’IFSTTAR, PSA, RATP and SNCF.

Overview of the GDR


  • GdR Annual Workshop

    The 14th and 15th of November 2012, the GdR annual workshop have been held in Paris within the RATP premises.
  • Urban noise : German-French researches

    The 12th of May 2011, the GdR have organised the workshop « Urban noise : German-French researches » during the « Carrefour du Predit » in Bordeaux. Learn more
  • Surface transport and urban soundscapes

    The 16th of December 2010, the GdR have organised the workshop « Transports terrestres et environnements sonores urbains » during the « Sixièmes Assises de la Qualité de l’Environnement Sonore » Lear more
  • Acoustic propagation within building and environment

    The 14th of December 2010, the GdR have organised, together with the SFA (French Acoustics Society), the workshop : « La R&D dans le domaine de la propagation acoustique dans le bâtiment et dans l’environnement » as preamble of the « Sixièmes Assises de la Qualité de l’Environnement Sonore »
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